Teaching Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not something you often associate with the outdoors, but a couple of weeks ago I (Bolen High) had the privilege of doing just that at Reptacular Ranch in Sylmar California to 50+ members of  the San Fernando Valley TuesdaysTogether chapter of The Rising Tide Society.

As you will note from the picture above, it was a beautiful day and this enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs couldn’t have been more focused and were filled with questions when I finished. While most had heard of SEO and a few had optimized their websites, the majority had no idea of what search engine optimization entailed or how Google went about learning who they were or what they did.

Bolen High explains what's involved in SEO

I prepared a list of many of the things they needed to consider if they were going to optimize a website or were going to hire someone to do it.

It’s important to understand what’s involved in SEO even if you aren’t the one doing the optimizing. There are three aspects to the process, On-Page SEO, Back-End SEO and Content Creation, all of which are essential but some elements are more easily accomplished by someone who is not a developer.

What I’m holding in my hand is the document I prepared and used as the syllabus of the presentation. As mentioned, it contains a list of many of the things that need to be done along with reference links to articles and websites that might be of assistance. If you would like a copy of it just click the button below and start optimizing!