One of the more interesting projects a graphic designer can take on is the design of a catalog. As the designer, your job is to communicate what your client has offered for sale while at the same time attracting the attention of prospective buyers and then keeping their interest while they (hopefully) thumb through the catalog looking for something to buy.

With Walter Reuben’s two catalogs (#42 & #43), I took the “less is more” approach, keeping the design focused on presenting each object and description as simply and crisply as possible — letting the piece or pieces speak for themselves.

The Second in the Series

This second catalog in the series consists of 84 pages that present a range of significant collectible items that include the following. 


The Saint Disco, NY City , 4 Halloween Posters

COLLECTIONS: posters from Manhattan’s The Saint (1982-2004), 
in its day, one of the world’s most extravagant gay discos.

Othello - Shakespeare In Film CollectionCOLLECTIONS: photographs, programs, press books
and posters from 66 Shakespeare films.

Dorothy Arzner - Film Director - LGBTQ Collection

LGBTQ: a selection of gay and lesbian related material including
posters, film scripts, plays and photographs
of directors and actors

Uncle Tom's Cabin Souvenir Book

AFRICAN AMERICAN:  a diverse selection of material that include
film and theater posters and photographs of musicians,
actors, their films, screen plays and promotional material

Portrait of Joel Grey as MC in Cabaret

DIRECTORS: famous film directors serve as the source for film scripts,
posters, lobby card, photographs and promotion material


LITERATURE INTO FILM: films based on a variety of literary sources offer posters,
promotional material, screen plays, and photographs

Katharine Hepburn Photographic Archive

WOMEN: photographs of actresses, dancers, film makers and screen plays

Exhibitor Books - ParamountEXHIBITOR BOOKS: two beautifully designed promotional books issues by
Paramount Pictures and Franco Film to promote their important pictures

The First in the Series

If you’d like to take a look at #42, the first in this series, Click Here. And here is’s website, if you’d care to visit it.

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