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A potential client contacted me about designing a website for his law firm. Not a problem, except his law firm would now have two locations, his current one in Palm Spring and a new office in Los Angeles.

This would appear to be simple – one website that identifies both offices. However, this wouldn’t work because his Desert Elder Law office (desertelderlaw.com) had been established for many years and was at the top of Google’s SEO ranking for that practice. Not wanting to undercut his standing with Google, he wanted his LA office to have a comparable identifying URL.

One Website for Two Offices

My solution was to create three new URLs: for Palm Springs (davidlynchelderlaw.com/palm-springs.html), Los Angeles (davidlynchelderlaw.com/los-angeles.html), with the new website having only his name and practice as its identifying URL (davidlynchelderlaw.com/index.html. His original URL (desertelderlaw.com) would be redirected to the Palm Springs URL. This way all of his previous and current clients using the original URL are directed to the new website at the Palm Springs location.

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