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I recently designed this ecommerce Shopify website for the Beverly Hills Flower Gallery to replace a site that was managed by a floral website company, which provides ecommerce websites to florists. My client was unhappy with both its look and performance. She wanted a site that was simple and elegant. I selected Shopify as the platform because it provides excellent service and site stability.

Commercial Accounts

A commercial accounts page was added when I learned that a large portion of her business came from business accounts located in Beverly Hills. I explained that even though the site was intended for ecommerce, the fact that she provides floral displays and plants to major companies would give the website and her business a great deal of credibility.

Anyone coming to the site would see that the Beverly Hills Flower Gallery was linked to a number of well known firms and stores. In addition, anyone searching the web for a florist that handled commercial accounts would find her at the top of a Google search because there were few florist that provided what she did.