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BlogBusiness blogging can be extremely beneficial, not only in terms of maintaining or improving your company’s search engine optimization, but also in helping to develop a following and/or client base. However, the secret is to not to hawk your wares or services but to provide interesting and pertinent content that readers find worthwhile. So, if you’re investing time and money in a bog, but aren’t seeing any ROI, before you ditch your blog, check and see if you’re guilty of any of the following:

Writing Extended Sales Pitches

People take the time and energy to read a blog when they believe the content adds to their knowledge base. If the content you provide is nothing more than an overly long promotion flogging your wares, you can rest assured what readers you have will stop reading.

The Snooze Factor

The larger the net the more fish you can catch. In other words, look at the larger picture and post different kinds of content on your blog to pull in a wider audience. The same couple of notes played over and over again will get boring so, think out of the box. This is particularly true when it comes to writing titles. Be aware of what’s going on in the world, what everyone is talking about and hook into the hear and now.

The Art of Doing It

Blogging cartoonHow do you get to Carnegie Hall? Well blogging is much the same, but instead of practice, it’s writing. If you don’t blog on a regular basis (at least once a week) you’re kidding yourself that it will have any impact or that you will develop a following. Business blogging is not personal, it’s business and it can’t be done in your spare time. If you expect people to want to read and follow your blog you have to spend as much time and energy writing your blog as your readers spend reading it.

Optimization and Tags.

As previously mentioned, one of the most important aspects of blogging is helping to optimize you website.  That is, if you blog is part of your website. Optimization is crucial if you want your website to rank with the search engines. Keywords and key phrases (i.e., specific content) are what the search engines are searching for.  Therefore, when considering what to write on your blog, it’s essential to consider SEO and incorporate keywords.  The thoughtful optimization of blog posts improves the chances that they will be found organically in the search engines and continue to deliver traffic over time.

Not Promoting

It takes awhile for a blog post to achieve organic traffic. In order to get it noticed it’s important to promote it. Include a link on your website homepage, submit the site to blog directories, utilize social media, and contribute guest posts to other blogs to increase awareness and generate traffic to your own blog.

And remember, content marketing of any kind, including blogging, is a long term strategy. The key once you start it is to stick with it. It’s about establishing trust with target audience members over time.